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Learn More about Podzinger, a Search Engine That Searches for the Spoken Word



UPDATE: As of January 2009, Podzinger has evolved into a marketing and search engine optimization network, and no longer provides audio and video search. Try these resources instead:

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  • Blinkx Video Search: Blinkx is a video search engine that allows you to search for audio and video clips not only using keywords and phrases, but also content in the actual clips that you're looking for.
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What is Podzinger?

Podzinger is an audio and video search engine, powered by "30 years of speech recognition research from BBN Technologies." Podzinger is unique in that it actually peeks inside the spoken words of the medium itself to find what you're looking for - and then your search terms are highlighted in the search results. It's easy to use, and while it does not retrieve a ton of results (still in beta), and the search results are difficult to narrow down - yet I still see that there's a lot of potential with Podzinger.

Search Within the Spoken Word with Podzinger

Searching for the spoken word has not really been addressed with most generalized search engines. Podzinger is one of the first search engines on the spoken word scene.

However, while the concept behind Podzinger is solid, the actual results need some major tweaking. For example, I searched for amphibians podcast and got frankly horrible results. Even after I put in quotes and attempted to do more tricksy things to get Podzinger to find this indie band (check out theAmphibians site), I still only came up with a couple different podcast results, neither of which really had anything to do with what I was looking for.

Same with my search for christian podcast; I was sorely disappointed. Perhaps one of my results had anything to do with what I was looking for; the rest were just not relevant.

Searching YouTube with Podzinger

Now you can search YouTube even more effectively with Podzinger . Podzinger is unique in that it actually peeks inside the spoken words of the audio or video program itself to find what you're looking for - and brings back exactly where your search term shows up. Now, Podzinger has added YouTube searching capabilities to its home page, making it possible for you to search all of YouTube's videos for any one spoken word. Now,sure, you can just use YouTube to search for a general topic. However, say you're the CEO of a company and you'd like to see if your name or your company's name is mentioned in any YouTube vids. This would be a good way to accomplish that. I did a quick search on a few key words (hasselhoff, snoopy, cat) and Podzinger only brought back a few results - but these results are extremely targeted, and when they say that a word appears at a certain time in the video, they really mean it. I think that there's a lot of room for improvement here, but overall, it's an interesting development.

Why Should I Use Podzinger?

Honestly, I had mixed feelings about Podzinger. It's got some pretty solid technology behind it, and the search interface and search experience are both cleanly designed and easy to implement. However, I found that the actual Podzinger search results just weren't as great as I was hoping for.

Podzinger - Good Concept, Not Ready for Prime Time

Podzinger has great potential. I love that it actually looks for the searched for keywords within the audio or video medium itself; however, this needs some major tweaking since the search results just are not that great at this point of Podzinger's development. I'll come back and update this article as Podzinger becomes more of the spoken word search engine that I hope it will one day be.

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