1. Technology

How to Evaluate a Website

One of the best ways to sabotage yourself is to cite a website that isn't trustworthy. Learn how you can avoid this unpleasant scenario by evaluating a website for credibility.

Three Ways to Determine the Value of a Website
Is that site really credible? Here are three ways to figure out if what you're looking at is worth pursuing online.

How to Cite an Internet Source
When writing a paper and using sources from the Web, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Learn more about citing an article from a website so proper credit is given.

How to Check Out a Hoax
We've all come across stuff that seems to good to be true in our surfing travels, right? How can you be sure what you're looking at is the real deal? Learn how to check out a hoax and keep yourself from falling for a spoof on the Web.

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