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How to Find Free Public Records Online

Finding public records - marriage records, birth certificates, death records, land records, family history, etc. - is made easier than ever before using the Web's many resources. About.com presents the best free public records search sites, tips, tutorials, and how-to's.

Top Ten Free Public Records Search Sites
Looking for public information on the Web can be somewhat overwhelming, for two reasons: there are a plethora of spammy sites looking to sell information they don't own, and there are so many "official" Web sites from town, county, state, and federal organizations that it's difficult to know where to start. This article breaks down the most helpful Web resources and shows you how to cut through the chaff to the wheat.

Use Family Watchdog to Search for Offenders In Your Neighborhood
Secure your peace of mind with Family Watchdog's free search utility for registered sex offenders. Use this tool to search both locally and nationwide.

How to Find a Mugshot on the Web
Whether it's someone you know or someone in the news, there are a couple different ways you can track down a mugshot on the Web.

Run a Background Check Using Free Web Resources
If you're needing more information on someone you know, than you can use these free Web resources to get a good idea of what someone has been up to.

Are all public records available on the Web?
While a lot of public information is available online, vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce) still have to be requested with personal identification requirements rather than being requested sight unseen on the Web.

Obituaries 101: A Beginners Guide to Finding Obituaries Online
Finding an obituary - from friends, family members, acquaintances, or people in the news - is made easy with this practical tutorial on finding an obit on the Web.

USA.gov, a U.S. Government Web Gateway
The amount of resources that the U.S. government has placed online is utterly amazing, and all of them are available via USA.gov.

Use the Web to Find a Grave
If you're looking for a gravesite, the best place to start your search is the Web. Here are a few sites that About.com recommends for finding a grave online.

The Best Sites for Finding Prison Inmates
If you're looking for state or federal inmate information, you can find the basics on the Web. Here are the best sites for finding resources in the criminal justice system.

Find Vital Records at VitalRec.com
If you're trying to track down birth, death, marriage, or divorce records, one of the best places to start your search is VitalRec.com, a huge index with links and information on every state, county, and town records office in the United States.

How to Find Birth Records Online
Are birth records available for free on the Web? Depends on what you're looking for! Learn how you can track down vital records using online resources.

How to find free public death records
Historical, vital, and informational records can be found on the Web, at least in part. This article presents the top eight websites for finding free public death records online.

Free Death Records - Can You Find Them On the Web?
Death record information is not usually open to the public; however, there are websites that offer historical and vital records information.

Public Records Online: Ten Free Sources You Can Use To Jumpstart Your Search
Free public records can be found on the Web, from obituaries to land use documents. Here are the top ten resources onlin you can use to search for all sorts of public documents, or, use them as a jumping off point to follow the trail offline.

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