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How to Find It With Google - Fast!

Not sure where to start with Google? That's okay - these simple tutorials will get you going with the world's most popular search engine in five minutes or less.

Find a Synonym with Google
Google has a neat feature that enables users to easily find synonyms to almost any word.

Google Scholar
What is Google Scholar, and what in the world can you do with it? Find out more about Google Scholar.

Google Zeitgeist
Learn about Google Zeitgeist, a great way to see what other people all over the world are searching for.

Use Google for a Free Phone Number Lookup
Google can be an important asset when looking up a phone number. In this brief tutorial, we'll look at how you can use Google to find a phone number, address, and more.

Google's I'm Feeling Lucky Button
Are you feeling lucky? Find out what the Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" button is all about.

How to Find Sites That Link To Your Site
Sometimes it's fun (and educational) to see what other sites are linking to you on the Web.

Google University Search
You can search literally hundreds of different universities with Google's University Search.

Google Uncle Sam
You can find all kinds of great US government information with Google Uncle Sam, part of the general Google search engine that is limited specificially to only .gov pages.

Google Docs
Google Docs is a great collaboration tool you can use to create and share documents completely online. Find out more about Google Docs.

Google Desktop Search Commands
There are a few Google Desktop search commands you can use as shortcuts to search your files.

How To Search A Specific Domain in Google
You can use Google to search a specific domain, such as .edu or .org sites.

Site Search With Google
You can search any site with Google's site search command.

Free Google Mac Downloads
Google has a nice little stable of free Mac downloads. Find out what they are.

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