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Early Search Engines

Most of the time, you'll be able to find what you're looking for with these general, all-purpose search engines.

LookSmart Reviewed
LookSmart is a search engine with some interesting features, such as a variety of integrated vertical niche search engine tools, the ability to share articles and sites with other searchers (Furl),and FindArticles, an excellent article search engine that enables you to find articles.

Snap - A New Kind of Search Engine
Snap is a new kind of search engine; it not only goes out and retrieves results for you, but the more people use it, the smarter it gets.

A Quick Look at WiseNut
WiseNut is a no-frills general search engine owned by LookSmart. WiseNut offers a good, solid general search experience; they don't have a lot in the way of fancy-shmancy search stuff, but what they do have seems to be relatively well-done.

Profile of PreviewSeek
PreviewSeek is a pretty solid search engine that offers quite a few search usability features, such as search clustering, Web site previews, and search refinements. However, I found that PreviewSeek has some definite issues it needs to work on.

Search the Web with Exalead
Exalead is a good general purpose search engine, with lots of interesting features such as a personalized home page, filetype search, and individual site thumbnails available in search results.

Profile of Amazon's Search Engine, A9.com
A9.com is a search engine put together by the good folks at Amazon, one of the largest and most successful online retailers in the world. Find out what A9.com has to offer, how to use it, and how it works.

AlltheWeb is a search engine whose results are powered by Yahoo. AlltheWeb has some very advanced search features that make it a good search destination for those looking for pure search. Read my profile of AlltheWeb and see if it might be a good search engine for you to try out.

AltaVista has been around in various forms since 1995, and continues to be a viable presence on the Web. Learn more about search engine AltaVista.

AOL Search
Learn why so many people have chosen AOL Search to be their jumping off point when searching the Web. With its ease of use, simple accessibility, and nifty search features, AOL Search has carved itself a unique niche in the search world.

Learn More About Lycos Search
Lycos has been around for over ten years now (started in September of 1995), and has some interesting search features to offer. Learn more about Lycos Search, Lycos Top 50, Lycos Entertainment, and more.

Mr.Sapo, a Meta Seach Engine
Mr. Sapo is an interesting search engine with a unique search interface.

A9.com is a search engine (no longer in service) put out by Amazon.com.

Kelkoo is a shopping engine, primarily European based.

Info.com is a meta search engine that pulls in results from many different search engines and Web directories.

Topix is a news search tool that picks up news items from many different items on the Web.

A Look at Teoma, the Technology Behind Ask.com
Teoma,originally served as the technology that drove Ask Jeeves/Ask.com. Since February 2006, Teoma is now branded as Ask.com.

Ask - How to Search with Ask.com

Learn More About MSN Search
MSN Search is Microsoft's offering to the search world. Learn about MSN Search: its ease of use, cool search features, and simple advanced search accessibility.

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