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Funny Sites

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If you're trying to get some work done, then don't read this article. But if you're looking for something fun to do on the Web, then read my ever-growing collection of funny sites on the Web.

Parody Sites

Weird, but Funny, Sites

Funny Photo Sites

  • Mullets Galore. Mullets are becoming extinct, except in certain parts of the world where they are enjoying an unexplained revival.
  • Worth1000.com: An ongoing collection of Photoshop contests; there's some insanely talented people out there (emphasis on "insane").
  • Eric Conveys An Emotion: Click on the left to see the many moods of Eric, or submit an emotion that you would like to see him act out.
  • Dilbert: Poking fun at cubicle slaves is always good.
  • eBaumsWorld: There's a ton of stuff at this site, including funny photos.
  • Engrish.com: Photos of Engrish mistakes.
  • StuffOnMyCat.com: Do you like putting stuff on your cat? Other people do too.
  • GoFugYourself.com: Celebrity fashion mistakes are prime photo fodder.
  • ChurchSignGenerator: "Ever seen those signs in front of churches with the moveable letters? Ever wanted to rearrange the letters to make your own church sign? Well, now you can."

Misc. Humor Sites

  • About.com's Humor. All your funny stuff in one place.
  • Overheard in New York: I don't think I've ever come away from this site without laughing or snorting out loud.
  • ZeFrank.com: This guy is a total spaz but that's what makes his site so good. My favorites are the Educational Videos.
Do you have a favorite funny site that you don't see listed here? Shoot me an email and I'll try to include it.

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