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Free Web Games - The Best Free Web Games

Looking for free Web games? Here are my picks for the best free Web games online.

Game Search Engines
If you're trying to find a game to play on the Web, you can find some pretty good ones with game search engines - search engines specifically focused on finding online games.

Games for the Brain
Challenge yourself with Games for the Brain.

How To Find Free Online Games On The Web
You can find plenty of free online games on the Web - here's some of my picks for the best free online games.

A Guide to Gambling on the Web
What does gambling look like on the Web? Are there laws against online gambling? Find out more in my article titled Online Gambling Guide - an Online Gambling Reference.

Fantasy Sports on the Web
There are plenty of great sites on the Web where you can participate in free fantasy sports leagues.

Halloween Games - Where to Find Them on the Web
Get your thrill on with these great Halloween games on the Web.

The Best Websites for Free Games
Need a break? Try one of the games listed in this top seven list. You'll find everything from brainteasers to alien invasions here.

Top Ten Time Wasters on the Web
Got some extra time, or just feel like putting something off? Don't say I didn't warn you, but these sites are addictive! Here are the top ten time wasters on the Web.

The Falling Sand Game
Soothing, relaxing, and quiet, the Falling Sand Game is a great way to be creative and relax at the same time.

Game Shows Link Roundup
I love watching game shows. I was a HUGE fan of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" when Regis Philbin was hosting it, and I love watching "The Price Is Right" (brings back good memories of being home sick from school, sipping chicken soup on my E.T. television tray...good times).

HomeStarRunner.com Free Web Games
HomestarRunner.com is an animated website full of games and videos and general weirdness. Also includes a whole bunch of free downloads based on the characters and animations.

Free Web Games at OddTodd.com
OddTodd.com is a collection of extremely weird and funny animations about anything from Mep the Squirrel to OddTodd's battles with unemployment. I especially like the interactive games.

How to Find Free Word Search Puzzles Online
I'm not a big fan of word search puzzles, but my fifth grader sure is, so here are a few fun web search puzzles sites on the Web for him and any other fans of word search puzzles. Have fun!

Free Sudoku Puzzles On The Web
A great site for finding free sudoku puzzles.

How To Find Free Web Games
There's plenty of sites on the Web that offer free online games; here's a few that have caught my eye lately.

Free Online Games - Kid Games on the Web
Good roundup of free web games for kids, including RuneScape, Orisinal, and PBS Kids.

Search the Web with the Nintendo Wii
The Nintendo Wii is not only great for gaming, but you can also search the Web via Wii-friendly browsers and Web sites.

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