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What is Babelgum?:

Babelgum is a fantastic source for free, high quality, and independently made videos, music, and films.

Note: you will need to download the free Babelgum player in order to watch videos at this site.

What can I find to watch or listen to at Babelgum?:

Babelgum is a bit different from other movie sites, mostly because it's full of independently made content that you might not be familiar with. Therefore, the easiest way to find something you might be interested in is to browse the Babelgum Channels, then drill down into the sub-categories: Film, Music, Nature, etc.

You can also check out what Babelgum calls Passions: Indie Film, Underwater, and Indie Music; check out the Babelgum Most Popular, browse the Branded Channels (channels that are sponsored by a specific brand), or see what's shaking at the Competition, an ongoing series of music or film contests.

Why should I visit Babelgum?:

There are many films, artists, and musicians that don't get the recognition they deserve; however, Babelgum is looking to change that.

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