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How to Watch Free TV on the Web - The Best 18 Websites


11. ABC

ABC offers fans sneak peeks of your favorites, local schedules, full episodes, photos, even message boards where you can discuss programs and find people who have your same interests in mind.

12. Spreety

Spreety offers so much that it can be a bit overwhelming. To get an idea of what this site has to offer, check out TV Shows A-Z, TV Genres, or Classic TV.

13. Veoh

Much like other sites on this list, Veoh has so much to offer that it can be overwhelming on the first vist. Best bet for finding your favorite TV shows to watch? Try the main TV show index. Here, you can sort by popularity, date added, alphabetical order; by clips or full episodes; or by language (dozens of languages are available here).

14. OVGuide

OVGuide searches all over the Web for full-length episodes, movies, videos, animation, and documentaries. Check out the main TV index that shows you what they've got to offer, as well as the main index of all the literally thousands of TV programs that OVGuide has for the avid watcher.

15. Revision3

Revision3 is a site that offers original content productions from people all over the world. These programs are Internet-based, completely original, and is especially focused on "special interest" content.

16. Sidereel

You can find all of your favorite content on Sidereel, including the most popular and current programs, upcoming exclusive sneak peeks of premieres, Web-specific broadcasts, and the latest episodes. You can also make a personalized calendar of all your favorites on Sidereel so you'll never miss an episode again.

17. Blinkx

Blinkx is a video search engine that offers literally millions of hours of available video content online to watch for free. World news, entertainment, sports, it's all here. You can even create your own Blinkx TV channel with your own personalized mix of content, choosing whatever you want to watch (via a simple keyword search) on a daily basis.

18. Truveo

Truveo, a video search engine owned and operated by AOL, offers a very high quality selection of videos organized into specific genres: sports, music, technology, comedy, etc. The best place to start is the TV Shows index, where all the most popular TV shows on Truveo are placed for easy access.

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