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What is Drop.io?:

Note: Drop.io was acquired by Facebook in 2010.

Drop.io is a free file hosting/file sharing site with extra features such as real-time collaboration, phone drops of data, and content backup.

What can I use Drop.io for?:

Drop.io is much more than just a simple file hosting service. You can use Drop.io for all sorts of tasks, including:
  • a free fax machine
  • voice conferencing
  • sharing files with multiple people
  • content backup
  • sending extremely large files
  • creating public image galleries

Suffice it to say, it's a very useful site!

How do I use Drop.io to host and share files?:

Using Drop.io is easy: you are not required to create an account, and you get up to 100MB worth of storage for free.

To start:

  • Click on the green button labeled "Create a Drop".
  • You'll instantly be taken to a file management page. To the right, you'll notice you and your files have been assigned a unique email address, voice mail, and conference call number.
  • If you want to change settings, you can set up an Admin password. If you forget your password or want to change your email, you'll want to set up the Recovery Email.
  • Click on "Add". Browse to your file. Upload your file.
  • Your file is uploaded.

What can I do with my data once it's been uploaded to Drop.io?:

Once you have uploaded your data to Drop.io, click on the file. You'll see a number of download options: you can refresh it, go directly to it, comment on it, download it, link to it, embed it, edit its description, rename it, delete it, rotate it, or send it to someone via an already existing drop point, a mobile phone, or email.

What else can I use Drop.io for?:

As mentioned already, Drop.io is an extremely versatile site. At its most basic, you can use Drop.io as a data backup, a mobile content provider when you're away from your main computer, and sharing multiple files with multiple people. More advanced uses of Drop.io include a collaborative dashboard for groups, a file drop-box for assignments, voicemail, and interactive, private websites.

Is Drop.io free?:

All the features mentioned in this article: voice mail, real-time collaboration, etc. - are all free, plus, you get up to 100MB of storage for your files.

Drop.io is free for users who stay under the 100MB storage limit, which is just fine if you're sticking to Word documents or PDF files. However, if you plan on using Drop.io to share larger files, such as music or videos, you'll probably want to look into upgrading to Drop.io Premium.

What is Drop.io?:

Drop.io is a wonderfully useful and versatile site that not only offers free file hosting and file sharing, but also real-time collaboration, privately hosted files with their own websites, voice conferencing, and much more.

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