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What is MediaFire?:

MediaFire is an extremely popular free file and image hosting site.

What can I use MediaFire for?:

You can use MediaFire to upload multiple files (and share them with other people), including images. In fact, you can use MediaFire to create an image gallery of all your favorite photographs.

If you're away from your home computer and you need to access a file, you can upload it to MediaFire ahead of time, and download it from wherever you might be.

How does MediaFire work?:

If you want to upload a file to MediaFire:
  • Navigate to the MediaFire home page.
  • Click on the big green "upload files to mediafire" button.
  • You'll get three options at this point. You can create a free MediaFire account, which you can use to manage your uploaded files in the future; you can keep going and just upload the file without an account; or, if you already have a MediaFire account, you can log in.
  • Browse to the file on your computer that you would like to upload.
  • You can upload multiple files at this point, if you wish.
  • Click to upload; you can manage your files at this point.

What happens once my file is uploaded to MediaFire?:

You'll see a link for your uploaded file that you can copy and paste to share with other people. You can add more files to this folder if you wish.

Why is MediaFire unique?:

Most file hosting services, such as Rapidshare or MegaUpload, make you jump through a few hoops before you're able to use their services: register, or pay for unlimited storage.

MediaFire is different. You don't have to register in order to upload your files, and you have unlimited storage. It's also extremely user-friendly, with features such as an upload progress page and file management utilities.

If you're looking for a great file hosting service, MediaFire is definitely a good option.

What is MediaFire?:

Mediafire is a popular file hosting service that you can use to upload large files you'd like to share with other people.

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