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The Best Free Downloads on the Web

The Web is a goldmine of free downloads - from free music downloads, to fixes for broken links or a clogged desktop, to fun stuff like free game downloads. Check back to this Free Downloads page often, more will be added on a regular basis.
  1. Daily Free Downloads (17)
  2. Free File Hosting Sites (7)
  3. Free Music Downloads (3)
  4. Free Book Downloads (7)
  5. Free Web Search Downloads (6)

How to Find and Download YouTube Videos
How do you download YouTube videos? Here are a few Web resources that will help you download your favorite YouTube videos.

How to Find and Download Firefox
Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to find and download Firefox.

How to Find and Download Google Earth
Looking for the free download of Google Earth? I'll show you how to find it on the Web, quickly and easily.

Free Downloadable Fonts
There are plenty of places on the Web where you can find free font downloads.

Free Spyware Removal Tools
If you are not careful, spyware, adware, and malware can take over your system, causing it to slow down and even crash. Here are a few programs that you can download for free from the Web that will remove spyware and adware from your system.

Fax on the Web: The Top Five Sites
You can use the Web to send a free fax - and no, you don't have to have a fax machine or even find some spare change.

Make a Call with the Skype Web Toolbar
Skype is quickly becoming one of the most popular (and cost-effective) ways to make phone calls to anyone in the world. Get more out of Skype with the Skype Web Toolbar, a free download for Windows operating systems only.

Free Screensavers on the Web
Wouldn't it be nice to have something other then scrolling marquee for your screensaver? Now you can, with my list of free screensaver downloads.

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