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Advanced Google Search Tips, Services, and Tools

Master Google with Advanced Google Search Techniques


Do you skim the surface of what Google can do for you, or are you an advanced Google searcher that dives in deep to everything Google has to offer? Learn how to master Google with advanced Google search techniques and make your searches super efficient.

1. Google Cheat Sheet

This Google cheat sheet gives you powerful search commands you can use instantly to narrow or broaden your Google searches. Plus, it's printable, so you can have it handy right next to your computer.

2. Google People Search

If you're looking for someone, Google is probably your best best to get started. You can find all sorts of information with just a cursory Google search.

3. Top Ten Google Search Tricks

Many people just don't realize that using just a few simple techniques can make your searches more successful right off the bat, with little to no "special" search knowledge required.

4. Google Cache

If you want to get a look at a website before it went down due to too much traffic, or grab some information that might have changed recently, or simply take a walk down memory lane....Google's cache is the way to do it.

5. Twenty Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google

While most people use Google for search, Google definitely has a lot more to offer.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps isn't just good for directions and road maps; you can use it to go sight-seeing all over the globe.

7. Google SearchWiki

Google SearchWiki is a simple yet powerful way to customize your Google search results by ranking, removing, or adding notes to them.

8. Google Scholar

If you need to find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles with a minimum of fuss, Google Scholar is a good choice.

9. How to Clear Previous Google Searches

You can avoid a potentially embarrassing situation simply by clearing your previous Google searches whenever there is something you would rather keep to yourself.

10. Google Desktop

Google Desktop is a lifesaver; it puts the power of Google to work searching your own computer and files for whatever you may need: emails, documents, even conversations.

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