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Google Blog Search


Google Blog Search

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What is Google Blog Search?:

Google Blog Search harnesses the power of Google and points it specifically at the blogosphere, tracking down blog posts, interesting personalities, and shared videos.

How do I use Google Blog Search?:

Google Blog Search makes it as easy as possible to find blogs in your area of interest. Type in what you're looking for in the Google Blog Search box, click "search blogs", and you'll see a list of related blogs. You can filter these results with search controls on the left-hand side of the page; for example, search only blog home pages, return results in a specific time frame, or sort by date rather than the default relevance.

Does Google Blog Search offer advanced search options?:

Yes, they do - click on the "Advanced Search" link found directly under the Google Blog search bar. With Advanced Search, you can find blog posts that contain a specific phrase, search for words in blog titles, search by author, restrict searches to specific dates, even search for blogs in different languages.

How do I find "hot" topics across blogs?:

Google Blog Search gives you a number of ways to find what topics, personalities, or blogs are getting the most buzz. "Hot Queries" - those subjects that many people are searching for - are posted prominently on the top right-hand corner. Top videos that are being shared across blogs are right underneath Hot Queries. And by default, subjects that are generating a large number of related blog posts are updated frequently on the main Google Blog Search page.

Can I subscribe to my Google Blog Search searches?:

Yes. You can track any search you might make in Google Blog Search, either by email alert or by RSS. You can find both of these options at the bottom of any Google Blog Search results page.

Google Blog Search:

Google Blog Search is a useful search tool that focuses specifically on finding and returning information from the world of blogs on the Web. Web searchers can use Google Blog Search to find blogs on a wide variety of topics, search for popular news items, find the latest videos being shared across the blogosphere, and subscribe to blog search queries.

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