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Google Merchant Center


Google Merchant Center

Note: You might have previously used Google Base. Google Base has transitioned to Google Merchant, where you can upload your product feeds and make them easy to find on Google Product Search. If you have been uploading Products through Google Base, your data feeds and account settings have been migrated to the new Merchant Center already.

What is the Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center is a free online database that allows anyone to post anything (as long as it falls under the Google Merchant Program Policies) they want. Recipes, classified ads, lecture notes - pretty much anything you can think of can be posted for free here.


You'll need a Google Account in order to post anything. Once you've signed up for one (which, by the way, gives you access to all of Google's services), you can start uploading content to Google Merchant Center.

How To Edit Your Items

  • Title: Give your content a title.
  • Attributes: Google's Attributes are basically content details about your item.
  • Labels:Basically,you're describing your content in keywords and key phrases, separated by commas.
  • Images. Two options here: you can upload a picture from your hard drive, or you can "Add a picture from the Web-specify a link to an image URL."
  • Description: Just what it sounds like. Enter in a description of your item or content.
  • Contact: Your Google Account ID information is displayed here, with the ability to edit. Your actual email will not be displayed once your Google Merchant Center page is up and live; you will be assigned a random anonymous email account for anyone who needs to contact you. For anyone who is familiar with CraigsList, this is the same thing that they do.

Ready to Post

You have a few options here: Preview, Save Draft, Publish, or Cancel.


Think of the Google Merchant Center dashboard as your control panel for all your content uploaded (or waiting to be uploaded).

Deactivate means a couple of different things. If you have an item for sale, and you don't want it to be for sale anymore, then you can choose to "deactivate" it. On the other hand, if you'd like to stop showing your content publicly, but don't want to delete it, you may deactivate your item.

Finally, delete forever means pretty much what it sounds like. Don't click on this unless you really mean it.

Bulk Uploads

If you've got a load of content that you'd like to upload,you can do that here.


From the About page, this perfectly sums up Google Merchant Center: "Google Merchant Center is a tool that helps you upload your store and product data to Google and make it available to Google Shopping and other Google services."

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