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How to Make Firefox More Secure


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How to Make Firefox More Secure
Every browser has a place where they store bits and pieces of websites that you visit - images, ads, scripts, etc. - so that the next time you visit that particular site, you will see the page load quickly. This is called a cache. As stated previously, navigate to Tools, Options, Privacy, and then Cache.
  • The general rule of thumb on the cache setting is to have it no larger than 60 MB (that would be 60,000 KB), unless you have an immensely huge hard drive with lots of memory.
  • One more thing about cache - if you for some reason want to get rid of everything, you can click Clear All at the bottom of the window. Every single thing you've been doing on the Web will be gone if you do this - history, cache, cookies, passwords, etc. - so consider carefully before hitting the confirm button.

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