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How to Find Phone Numbers on the Web

Need a phone number? You can use the Web to find a business, residential, cell phone, even an unlisted number via a variety of Web search tips and tricks.

Five Ways You Can Use the Web to Find a Cell Phone Number
Looking for a cell phone number listing is a little bit more difficult than simply opening up the phone book and flipping through the pages. Learn how you can use the Web to track down a publicly listed phone number.

Phone Book Shortcuts: How to Use the Web As Your Personal Phone Directory
Thick phone books are a thing of the past! You don't have to spend endless minutes searching for a simple phone number when you can spend just seconds finding it online.

How do I find who a fax number belongs to?
Need to track down a fax number? You can use the Web to aid in your search. Learn more about how you can find out who a fax number belongs to.

Reverse Lookup
Search for phone numbers, addresses, or last names with a reverse lookup phone directory.

How do I find out who an 800 number belongs to?
Need to find an 800 number? You can use the Web to find many common 800 numbers.

What is the Google Phonebook Operator?
The Google Phonebook operator is a specific search command in Google that finds phone numbers. Learn more about the Google phonebook operator at the About.com glossary of Web search terms.

How to Find Information: Free Online Courses at About Web Search
Need some help making your Web searches as efficient as possible? Pick one of the free online courses available at About Web Search and watch your Web search skills improve in no time at all!

Use the Web to Find a Phone Number Online
Although those thick phonebooks still land on our doorsteps every so often, they're often outdated by the time they make it through the door. Recycle the book and use the Web to find a phone number instead.

Yellow Pages Online - Profile of YP.com
Need to find someone online? Learn how to use the Yellow Pages (yp.com) and their free online suite of people search tools, ranging from business look-ups to zip code information.

How have you used the Web to find a phone number or phone number information?
If you've used the Web to either find a phone number or do a reverse lookup, please share how you've accomplished this with the About.com community.

Find Area Codes Using Search Engines
Most search engines support typing in an U. S. area code and giving you what part of the country that area code is related to.

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