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Find an Address for Free

Need to find an address? You can use the Web to find a zipcode, an address, and more.

Use the Web to Track Down Anyone Online
If you're trying to find someone online, the Web gives you a lot of options from which to choose from. The last several years have ushered in several new people search engines that give searchers a variety of ways to find all sorts of personal information.

How to Access Free Public Records on the Web
Here are my current picks for the best sites to do a free public records search; from obituaries to census records to more.

How to Find and Print Driving Directions for Any Address
Need to get directions? Learn how to find directions for any destination on the Web, and print them out for easy access.

How to Find Someone's Email Address
Doing a little email address detective work? Learn how you can track down, verify, or investigate someone's email address on the Web for free.

How to Do a Free Reverse Address Lookup
Find names, phone numbers, and addresses by performing a reverse address lookup; a simple Web search trick that can uncover a surprising amount of information.

Find a Zip Code Quickly and Easily
Using the Web to find a zip code is easy. Learn how you can accomplish this task in five minutes or less.

How to Use the Yellow Pages to Find Someone Online
Need to find someone online? Learn how to use the Yellow Pages (yp.com) and their free online suite of people search tools, ranging from business look-ups to zip code information.

Can you find a death certificate on the Web?
Are death certificates available on the Web? Yes and no. Vital records are not always publicly accessible on the Web, but historical information and public domain resources make it possible to track down death certificates and other vital records online.

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