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Five Sites For Finding the Best Garage Sales Online In Your Area

Get in on the good garage sales deals by getting there first!


Are you a bargain hunter? If you love a great deal, then garage sales are a great way to stretch that dollar as far as you possibly can. Find and map out local garage sales with these top five sites for finding garage sales online, and get in on the good deals with all the other early birds. 

1. Garage Sales Tracker

With Garage Sales Tracker, sellers can post an ad for their sales (free), and searchers can browse listings for sales in their local area (also free). You can also use Garage Sales Tracker to look for consignment stores and flea markets, which can be another way to get rid of extra stuff and earn a few bucks.

2. Yard Sale Treasure Map

The Yard Sale Treasure Map pairs Craigslist garage sale postings and Google map locations into one convenient mashup, making it as easy as possible for you to map out which garage sales you'd like to visit. You can even plan your shopping by garage sale openings, geography, and what you're looking for; for example, your planned route could go directly to all sales that open between 7 and 10 AM, in one specific neighborhood, that offer toddler-sized clothes. Pretty neat!

3. Yard Sale Search

Use Yard Sale Search to find a sale in all fifty states (nice for when you're out of town), or post a garage sale online in your local area for more exposure. You can filter your sale search by area, keyword, and date.

4. GSalr

GSalr works much like the Yard Sale Treasure Map above in that you can plot and plan your garage sales by location, with directions that can be printed for easy navigation. Input your location, click on the ads that interest you, and click on the "Add to Trip Planner" button. These locations will then be plotted on a map with driving directions for the best route so you can get to your garage sales quickly and efficiently.

5. Craigslist

No list of where to find garage sales online would be complete without Craigslist. Find your local area, click on the "garage sale" link (found under the "for sale" category), and see what's happening in your neck of the woods. You can narrow your garage sale search by filtering what you're looking for within the garage sales sub-category, as well as what price you're hoping to find it for.

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