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Sears Online Layaway - Use the Web to Take Advantage of Layaway Programs


sears online layaway

What is a layaway program?:

A layaway program is a great way for shoppers to get the things they need without breaking the bank. Here's how it works: find the item you need, pay a small deposit and percentage of the total purchase price, and make manageable payments over a period of time. Once the payments are finished, you can pick up your item.

What is an online layaway program?:

An online layaway program is similar to an in-store layaway program, except you can use the Web to shop for your items and make the layaway payments on the Web instead.

What is the Sears Online Layaway program?:

First, navigate to Sears.com. Look for the special layaway icon on the items you wish to purchase; it looks like a notepad with a blue dollar sign on it.

Once you have your item(s) selected and you're viewing your shopping cart, click off the layaway option before checking all the way out.

You'll then be able to make payments over an eight-week period. Once your payments are complete, you can pick up the item in the store. Note: the item must be in your local store in order to be put on layaway online.

Do I have to go into the store to make my layaway payments?:

No. You don't have to go into the store to make your payments, you can do that on the website. However, you will have to pick up your item in your local Sears once you have completed all your payments.

What's special about the Sears Online Layaway program?:

This program is unique because it is on the Web. Online layaway programs are just beginning to really get started, and once consumers realize how convenient they are, they're sure to get more widespread.

What is the Sears Online Layaway program?:

The Sears Online Layaway program is a unique Web-based program that allows shoppers to put items they need on layaway and make their layaway payments online, all from the privacy of their own homes.

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