1. Technology
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eLayaway.com - An Online Layaway Program



What is eLayaway.com?:

eLayaway.com is a Web-based clearinghouse for over 1000 different companies offering layaway plans for shoppers.

Wait - what's a layaway program?:

A layaway program is a popular way to pay for items that you might not have the money in hand for. Instead of using a credit card, consumers usually pay a small percentage of the total purchase price up front, along with a small processing fee. The payments are usually arranged monthly, and they are interest-free.

How does eLayaway.com work?:

You'll need to register first (it's free). You'll also need an active bank account. Once you've registered, browse eLayaway.com's variety of stores and services and find something you like. Monthly payments vary depending on the purchase price of your item. Once all payments have been paid in full, the item is yours.

What's special about eLayaway.com?:

First, online layaway programs are somewhat rare. Most stores prefer their customers to visit the store in person. However, Web-based layaway programs are starting to gain traction in a struggling economy, which makes it nice for customers who want to shop from the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Second, eLayaway.com offers an attractive array of products and stores that shoppers can use layaway on, anything from electronics to crafts. It's a great way to find what you need without breaking your budget.

What is eLayaway.com?:

eLayaway.com is a Web-based service that offers online layaway programs from a wide variety of merchants.