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How do I find free printable grocery store coupons on the Web?


Question: How do I find free printable grocery store coupons on the Web?
Everyone wants to save a few extra pennies, and one of the best ways to do that is at the grocery store. Free printable grocery store coupons can help you cut down on your grocery bill, and best of all, they're relatively easy to find.
Answer: A few of the best sites for free printable grocery store coupons:
  • The Coupon Mom: Every week, the Coupon Mom puts together a list of all the coupons in your local area from the Sunday papers and the local stores.
  • ShortCuts: Load coupons for your local grocery store directly on your grocery store card, or print out coupons you can take with you to the store.
  • CellFire: Similar to ShortCuts; you can load the coupons on your store card or print them out; they also offer a free newsletter to subscribers with extra savings.
  • PGESaver: Load your coupons right onto your grocery store card, print them out. Free registration required.
  • The Grocery Game: The Grocery Game is not free ($10 every 8 weeks), but well worth the money. It puts together cyclical coupon savings with your local store savings so you can take advantage of rock-bottom sales.

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