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Entertainment Sites - The Best Entertainment Sites

Find the best entertainment sites - from gossip to movies and everything in between - here at the Best Entertainment Sites section.

Celebrity Gossip: The Top Ten Sites On The Web
Need a fix of celebrity gossip? You'll find it here in my list of the best celebrity gossip sites on the Web.

What's hot in the search engines today? Emmy nominations!
I love to keep track of popular searches on the Web, and today, the absolutely hottest search has to be for Emmy nominations.

Like Satire? You'll Love JibJab
One of my favorite sites on the Web is JibJab, a cartoon and video satire site.

Grooveshark is a music search engine that streams free music based on searchers' specific preferences and recommendations. Learn more about Grooveshark and how you can use it to listen to your favorite music on the Web.

Ten Websites For When You're Bored
Need something new to look at? These ten websites will help you chase that boredom away.

The Top Twenty LEAST Useful Sites on the Web
There are millions of sites on the Web that serve some kind of purpose: information, productivity, communication, etc. But what about those sites that seem to have absolutely no point, yet we're drawn to them again and again? These sites are what we're going to talk about here in the Top Twenty LEAST Useful Sites on the Web.

Are You Bored? Share Your Favorite Website With Us!
Do you have a few go-to sources online for when you're bored and have a few minutes to kill? Share them with us!

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