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Twitter Search Engines

The Top 5 Twitter Search Engines You Can Use to Find Links, Content, and Trends


Twitter, one of the most popular sites on the Web, doesn't make it too easy to search within the site for what you're looking for. However, you can accomplish this task easily with Twitter-specific search engines. Here are the top five best Twitter search engines that you can use to find people, popular content, links, and much more.

1. Twitter Search

Twitter Search offers some pretty decent search tools that you can use to narrow down what you're looking for; they also follow trending topics so you can see what's hot fast.

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2. WeFollow

WeFollow groups Twitter users by their primary occupation and/or topics of interest, and then ranks them according to how many Twitter followers they have. If you're looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter, WeFollow provides a great way to search and select exactly what you want.

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3. TweetScan

If you're trying to find specific content on Twitter, TweetScan is a good bet. This search engine tracks keywords or phrases for you, and then delivers what it finds to you via a variety of methods: onsite search results, email, or RSS.

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4. Topsy

Topsy is a a search engine that follows conversations around the Web based on a Twitter springboard of over 30 million users and what they're talking about. It's an amazing way to find what people are talking about in real-time.

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5. What the Trend?

What The Trend captures the current hot topics that are surfacing on Twitter in real-time, and then adds user-submitted explanations as to why they're trending. It's an interesting way to see what's behind the buzz, and track it right to the source.

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