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RapidShare Search Engines

Use these search engines to find files uploaded at Rapidshare


Rapidshare, one of the most popula file hosting sites on the Web, does not give searchers the ability to look through and see what other people are uploading. However, you can get around that with Rapidshare search engines to see the most recent uploads. Here are the top four Rapidshare search engines on the Web; they're all easy to use and offer advanced file hosting search capabilities.

Note: Please be aware that some of these search engines do offer adult content and advertising, and that it is considered illegal in most countries to download copyrighted files.

1. FilesTube


FilesTube searches not only Rapidshare, but similar file sharing and hosting sites such as Megaupload and Mediafire. Using FilesTube is simple. Just type in the topic you'd like to find more information about, and FilesTube will bring back relevant results.

You can limit the kind of files that FilesTube brings back by clicking on the dropdown menu right next to the search field; this filters your search to only MP3 files, or only PDF files, etc.

Advanced Search is also available; by date, filesize, exact words, etc.

Once you get your search results, even more options are available to you. FilesTube offers related search suggestions, sorting filters, and you can even limit which file hosting sites you'd like FilesTube to grab results from.

2. RapidLibrary


On RapidLibrary's home page, you'll see a gigantic list of files that people have recently searched for using the search site. You can use that to jumpstart your search. If you'd like to filter your RapidLibrary search, use the dropdown menu next to the search menu to limit your search to specific filetypes: pdf, wma, etc.

Once you get to the RapidLibrary search results page, you'll have more filter options: size, alphabetically, and you'll also see tags under each search result that serve as related search suggestions.

When you go to download your file, you'll want to choose the Rapidshare download option rather than the RapidLibrary search option. Why? The Rapidshare download is free, while the RapidLibrary option requires payment.

3. FileCrop

FileCrop gives you a list of the most recent searches on the main search page, as well as simple search filters: size of file, and a choice between searching Rapidshare or Megaupload (or both).

Search for your topic, and FileCrop will bring back a long list of results. Click on any of those results, and you'll be taken to a page that tells you your file is being downloaded - you can wait for the download via FileCrop, or you can cut to the chase and just click the original Rapidshare or Megaupload link.

4. Rapidshare-Search-Engine.com

Rapidshare-Search-Engine.com is simple to use and retrieves great results. On Rapidshare-Search-Engine's home page, you'll see a search field. Under that, advanced search options are available by clicking the "Advanced" text link. You can choose to search the Web for Rapidshare files, or search only the files uploaded directly to Rapidshare (I chose the direct Rapidshare option).

Mouse over any of your search results and you'll see a pop-up detailing how big the file is, what type of file it is, and its status (if it's been checked lately).

Clicking directly on the results link will take you straight to Rapidshare to download the file, where you'll have the option to download it as a Free or Premium user.

5. RapidShare Search Engines: Honorable Mentions

There are a LOT of search engines that scour uploading sites and file hosting services to find what you need. A few more that merit a mention:
  • Katz Downloads: Simple to use, offers multiple categories
  • PhazeDDL: Searches across games, software, music from a variety of file hosting services
  • FilesHunt: Easy to use, but you'll have to register to download (it's free)
  • LoadingVault: Great search filters; download directly from Rapidshare (no middleman)

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