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Three Ways to Make Your Own Search Engine


If you're looking for more search engine customization, then building your own search engine is something you'll want to look into. Here are three different services that offer you the ability to personalize your own seaarch engine, customized to your unique preferences.

1. Eurekster Swicki

Jenn Allen/Flikr/CC BY 2.0
The Swicki has been around for a while now (see my article titled How to Make a Swicki) and offers searchers many options when creating their own customized search engine, including the option to choose multimedia content, customize the look and feel of your Swicki, and more.

2. Google Custom Search Engine

With Google's Custom Search engine, you've got a lot of options. You can include as many (or as few) web sites in your search engine as you want, you can host your search engine on your own site or blog, and you can search through other people's custom search engines (check it out at Google Custom Search Engines).

3. Bing Custom Search

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Bing Custom Search is a great simple way to get started on your own search engine. You'll go through a simple creation wizard to help you make your first search engine, and it only takes a few seconds to create.

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