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Google Search Commands

Search within a site, browse archival info, locate resources in specific domains


While more people use Google than any other search engine on the Web, most do not realize that there is much more to this mammoth search index than meets the eye: an amazing repertoire of specific Google search commands that can help Web searchers find what they're looking for, fast. Here are 13 Google search commands that will make your searches as efficient as possible.

1. Find a specific phrase

If you want Google to find a specific phrase that has words in a specific order, than you want to use quotation marks. Quotation marks tell Google to only retrieve Web pages with your words in the exact order and proximity that you typed them....keep reading

2. Locate a particular file format

Google doesn't just index Web pages, aka HTML. You can use Google to find virtually any kind of file format available, including PDF files, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets....keep reading

3. Get a definition

Don't waste time thumbing through a dictionary. You can use Google to find the definition of any word or acronym....keep reading

4. See the cached version of a Web site

If a site has been taken down, you can't see it anymore, right? Not necessarily. Google's cache command can retrieve archived versions of most Web sites online....keep reading

5. Search for more than one word within a Web address

Looking for specific words within a Web address? Google's "allinurl" search command retrieves all specified words that appear in the URL of a Web site.....keep reading

6. Search within Web page titles

Web page titles are found at the top of your Web browser and within search results. You can restrict your Google search to only Web page titles with the "allintitle" search command....keep reading

7. Find information about any Web site

Get an instant snapshot of any Web site with the "info:" command, a unique Google search operator that retrieves a complete set of information....keep reading

8. Search for a word within an URL

If you want to find a specific word and restrict your search only to URLs, you can use the "inurl" search command to accomplish this....keep reading

9. See sites that link to a specific site

Using "link:URL" (with URL representing your specific Web address), you can see which sites link to any other site. This is especially useful for Web site owners.....keep reading

10. Find movie information and theater showtimes

Want to go see a movie? Simply type "movies" or "movie" into the Google search field, and Google will retrieve a brief movie summary as well as local theater showtimes....keep reading

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