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Social Mention


social mention

What is Social Mention?:

Social Mention is a a search engine that takes your query and focuses on blogs, bookmarks, comments, and other social Web errata to find information you might not be able to find in more general search engines.

How can I search with Social Mention?:

Searching with Social Mention is pretty much like searching with any other search engine. Just enter in the phrase you're looking for, and press Enter. However, you do get a little bit of leeway with which part of the social Web you'd like Social Mention to scour for you: You can use any of these parameters to narrow your search, or just go nuts and search for all of them at the same time (I like the all at the same time option).

Why should I use Social Mention to find what I'm looking for?:

Social Mention is a great way to grab what's fresh and new on your topic from all across the Web, organized into one tidy stream of information. Plus, you can track your topic easily by setting up a Social Mention breaking news alert or RSS feed, which could be very helpful if you're looking for up to the minute chatter or information on a subject that interests you.

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