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Note: As of 2007, WiseNut is no longer in business as a search engine.

What is WiseNut?

WiseNut is a no-frills general search engine owned by LookSmart. WiseNut offers a good, solid general search experience; they don't have a lot in the way of fancy-shmancy search stuff, but what they do have seems to be relatively well-done.

How To use WiseNut

Searching in WiseNut is simple, just type in your query to the main search bar and away you go. My query for "snow" brought back search results with text links and annotations, as well as clustered results at the top of the search results page - or WiseGuide categories.

What is WiseGuide?

WiseGuide are basically search suggestions that are related to what you're searching for - it's a great way to narrow down or broaden your search. For instance, in my search for "snow", an extremely general search term, my WiseGuide search suggestions were much more helpful.

WiseNut WiseSearch

WiseNut also offers a neat little advanced search widget that they call WiseSearch; basically, they're helping you "search like an expert."Simply type in the keywords in the boxes offered, set a couple of basic parameters, and you might get lucky. This is just basic search syntax; you can read more about it in Basic Search - Add and Subtract or Basic Boolean.

WiseNut Preferences

Last but not least I should mention that you can set some pretty sophisticated search preferences. You can select which language you'd like to search in, what browser language, whether you want WiseGuide results to show up, results clustering, and more. Most search engines don't offer the level of customization that WiseNut offers in setting preferences; this was a nice surprise.

Why Should I Use WiseNut?

While WiseNut won't win any prizes for bells and whistles in the search department, I found it to be fast and relevant. The search results clustering - WiseGuide - is a big favorite of mine since I find it always helps me make my searches better. Lastly, WiseNut's search preferences are extremely personalized, making WiseNut a good choice for your general search engine needs.

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