1. Technology
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A Look at the technology behind Ask.com



What is Teoma?

Teoma,originally served as the technology that drove Ask Jeeves/Ask.com. Since February 2006, Teoma is now branded as Ask.com, according to this official missive from the Ask.com team:

As we've detailed before, when Teoma was acquired back in late 2001, it was a pioneering, 7-person shop that had developed some next-generation algorithms and a promising search engine. Since then, it has served as the heart of the technology underlying Ask Jeeves, and has been the foundation of our resurgence in search. The algorithm, one way we uniquely determine relevance, will be known as ExpertRank going forward. With all of the focus on our flagship brand changing, we wanted to point out another brand shift we'll be making soon: we are rolling the Teoma brand in to Ask, pointing the Teoma.com domain to http://search.ask.com.

There you have it folks! If you'd like to learn more about Ask.com, check out my article titled Ask.com.

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