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Find Links with TalkDigger

A Conversation Search Engine



Note: As of April 2011, Talkdigger has transformed into Citizen DAN, an "open source system to help sustainable development organizations to publish quality data."

What is TalkDigger?

TalkDigger is a search engine that finds what links are talking about links. Make sense? Well, in a nutshell, TalkDigger lets you enter in a URL, and then goes out and finds what sites (from a variety of different search engines) are linking to it. It's a conversation search engine.

How To Use TalkDigger

Using TalkDigger is a bit different than other search engines, because instead of entering in a keyword or key phrase, you are searching by URL's. A fast way to get a URL for TalkDigger is to simply copy and paste it into the TalkDigger search box (in Windows, the shortcut would be CTRL A to select all, CTRL C to copy, and the CTRL V to paste it).

Once you have a URL, just paste it into the TalkDigger search box. At the time of this writing TalkDigger grabs results from the following search engines:

and a few others. So what happens when you enter in a URL? TalkDigger goes out and retrieves all the sites that are currently linking to that URL, and then presents them separated by search engine.

The TalkDigger search results are also a bit different than what you might be used to. You'll be able to see each site's Google Page Rank, and a couple of different preview options (including a nifty screenshot preview).

TalkDigger Special Features

TalkDigger has a special RSS Feed page that allows you to track conversations without having to go back and check TalkDigger over and over.

There's also a TalkDigger bookmarklet, which you can use to "start a Talk Digger search with the current web page you are checking with your browser."

And last but not least, you can check out TalkDigger Hotkeys, a nice user feature that allows you to get through TalkDigger more efficiently.

Why Should I Use TalkDigger?

I think that TalkDigger is definitely full of potential. You can search for backlinks yourself in various search engines (check out my Google Cheat Sheet or Yahoo Cheat Sheet for a few good examples), but TalkDigger allows you to do this for a dozen different search engines all at once. It's a nice way to track conversations across the Web.

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