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Swicki Your Own Search Engine

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Eurekster Swicki

What is a Swicki?

Eurekster Swickis are "search engines tailored to you and your community. They learn from your users and show what's hot with your people." You, as the creator of the Swicki, have complete and utter control of the search results since YOU are the one who figures out what searches are most relevant to your site, what sites these searches should be pulled from, and how the search engine looks.

What does Swicki mean?

It's basically a play on words - "wikis" are collaborative sites that allow users to contribute (Wikipedia is probably the most famous example of a wiki). Swickis are "search wikis"-Eurekster uses its technology to target search results based on your site visitors' behaviors, and both the site visitors and the creator of the search engine Swicki (that would be you) get to " actively collaborate to modify and focus the results of the search engine."

Why Should I Make A Swicki?

For one thing, it's free. It's also kind of a neat looking widget to put on your site or blog, and it serves users' needs because it creates an extremely targeted focus of information on your site. Eventually, you also might start making some money on these Swickis since Eurekster does plan to "add paid search elements to the results pages for swickis." I'll update as that information becomes available; remember, right now the Swickis are in beta mode, so as soon as they get all the bugs out, revenue information will most likely become available.

How Do I Make A Swicki?

It's easy. Just Customize, Train, and Release. Right now, Eurekster Swickis are in beta mode, and they still have a couple of bugs to work out, but I was able to get a very nice swicki up and running within about 15 minutes, and I love the way it looks. Here's my step by step screenshot tutorial on my very own Swicki - follow the steps I've outlined to make your very own Swicki.

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