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Oodle, a Free Classified Ads Search Engine

Search Free Local Classified Ads with Oodle



What is Oodle?

Oodle is a search engine dedicated solely to scouring the Web for classified ads - auto classifieds, pet classifieds, loofah classifieds (it could happen), from 76 different metro areas and 197 colleges at the time of this writing. It's easy to use, and results are relevant and plentiful.

How to Search Classified Ads with Oodle

My search for "portland dog walker", initially entered in the main search query bar on the Oodle home page, whisked me to the master list of all the cities and metro areas that Oodle covers - even though I entered "portland" in the search string. No matter - after choosing my city, I was taken to my search results, which were three ads for Tennessee walker coonhound dogs! Obviously my search guinea pig was not the best, but we'll work with it.

My search results for "portland dog walker" had quite a few fun customizable options available to me. From a drop-down menu, I was able to sort my results by best match, price, or date. I could subscribe to my results using RSS or add it to My Yahoo portal page. Search refinements intrinsically linked to my search results were available as well; I could choose the sex and size of the dog I was looking at.

In addition, I was given the option to create an alert for this particular search; a great timesaver so I don't have to keep coming back and searching. Last but not least, Oodle maps your classifed ads results so you can see how close a potential classified ad is to you, a very cool feature.

Whatever city you initially choose to search in, that city will be the default until you go all the way back to the home page of Oodle, or choose the text link option - "undo your search."

And, speaking of cities - every city has its own fun little identifying symbol. Portland has a rose (for the Rose City), Houston has an oil drill, Cleveland has a guitar, West Palm Beach has a guy playing polo on a horse, etc.

Oodle Search Tabs

There are a ton of different fun things that Oodle offers in order for you to find the best classifed ads on the Web, and the tabs on top of the main search query bar are some of the best features.These tabs include Home, For Sale, Cars, Housing, Jobs, Services, and Give Locally, a way to find organizations that you can donate various items to.

Click on any of these tabs and you're going to get a huge gob of results; but you can narrow this down pretty quick by using the drop-down menu of cities. For whatever you're looking for, whether it's a new truck or a new house or a new pet, Oodle gives you plenty of excellent search parameters that you can use to really make your search effective - I was very impressed.

Oodle College Classifed Ads

Anyone who has ever bought a textbook lately from a college bookstore probably knows what I'm talking about when I say "ouch!" They're expensive, to say the least. Search through Oodle's college classified ads, for example, University of Chicago at Illinois, and you'll be able to search through ads for textbooks, roomates, jobs, and more.

Why Should I Use Oodle?

Oodle is an extremely useful search engine that I would recommend to anyone attempting to find classifed ads about pretty much anything; whether that's a job, a pet, a car, whatever - it's a solidly useful search engine that I've added to my list of Extremely Useful Bookmarks.

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