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MSN Search


Note: As of 2009, MSN Search is now Bing. This article about MSN Search is continued from page one.

Searching with MSN Search

Searching with MSN Search is simple. I typed in the query for "pottery" and received a whole horde of relevant results. The search results page is standard issue, with sponsored listings to the top and far right of the browser window.

MSN Search Builder

One particularly nice feature that MSN Search has incorporated is the Search Builder tab right under the search field. Click on this, and you'll see a dropdown menu with options that will help you narrow down your search, including Site/Domain, Links To, Country/Region, and more. The last feature on the Search Builder is the most intriguing one, and that is Results Ranking.

MSN Search Results Ranking

Results Ranking is a set of three sliders that you can use to weight three different factors: updated recently, very popular, and approximate match. Results Ranking unfortunately can only be used in conjunction with Web-based searches, not Image, Desktop, or Local searches, to name a few.

MSN Search Settings

Your Settings can also be instantly accessed right under the search bar; you can customize your display, how your results appear, etc. The Advanced Search settings used to front and center; now, the Search Builder is supposed to substitute for most of that. If you feel that you would like to be able to play around with more advanced search settings, visit the MSN Search Advanced page.

MSN Search Tabs

MSN Search, as already stated, gives you text tabs to widen the search net: Desktop, Images, News, etc. Both the MSN Desktop Search and MSN Search Toolbar require a quick download of MSN Search's software in order to install and use; you'll have to have a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer in order to use the toolbar or the desktop search; although it's not necessary that Internet Explorer be your default browser.

MSN Search Extra Features

You can also search Encarta from MSN Search; my query for "pottery" using the Encarta tab rendered some pretty good results, including a quick definition of what pottery was, related articles and media, and Encarta Answers, which when clicked scoots you directly to the Encarta site. A nice feature for students, researchers, or anyone with a yen to know something.

Why Should I Use MSN Search?

MSN Search primary attractions are ease of use, simplicity of design, and easily accessible power-searching features that make it simple for the average Web user to really put some oomph! in their search results.

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