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Lycos Search

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What is Lycos Search?

Lycos has been around a long time in Internet years; and has evolved from providing its own search results to piggybacking on Ask.com.

Lycos Home Page

The Lycos home page offers you quite a few options. The main search bar is centered at the top of the page, with tabs for Web, People, Yellow Pages, Shopping, Images and Audio, and Discussion. The Advanced Search tab is right underneath the search bar.

Underneath the search bar, it starts to get a bit crowded on the Lycos home page. There's weather, Lycos Mail, Lycos market headlines, Lycos latest news headlines, Lycos video, Lycos slideshows,you get the picture. Lycos is more of a content hub than a search destination, so this is expected, but it's still a bit of a distraction. Just know this: you have a LOT of options on the Lycos home page.

Lycos Video Search Lycos has partnered with Blinkx to power their video search results; so now, when searching for video on Lycos, you'll notice the Blinkx icon.

Lycos Search

Here are some tips to remember when using Lycos Search. They should get you pretty far in your Lycos searching efforts.

Be specific as humanly possible. Lycos doesn’t return results that are as relevant as you might expect from other search engines, but the more specific and concise you are, the better results you will receive.

Use Advanced Search. Lycos’ advanced search options are actually very well-designed, and will (hopefully) help your Lycos search results stack up the way you want them to. Lycos also supports Boolean search operators, which will help to narrow down your searches.

Lycos Features

Probably the top reason to recommend Lycos would not necessarily be for its search results, but for its fun features. Here's just a few Lycos search fun sites:

Why Should I Use Lycos Search?

As I mentioned previously, Lycos is more of a content hub than a search engine destination. This is not to say that you can't find things using Lycos; but that your time at Lycos probably would be better spent utilizing their fun features (Lycos 50, Lycos Entertainment, etc.).

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