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FoodieView, a Free Recipe Search Engine

Recipe Search Made Easy



Note: As of October 2012, Foodieview is no longer in service.

What is FoodieView?

FoodieView is a recipe search engine searching over 175,000 recipes from all different kinds of sources, including (but not limited to) the following: and many, many more. FoodieView is a targeted recipe search engine with a lot of really interesting features; it's also extremely easy to find good recipes on FoodieView that are actually relevant to what your search query is, which, if you've ever tried to find a recipe using certain ingredients on one of the bigger search engines, you'll agree with me when I say that it can be a huge time-waster. FoodieView just makes the task of searching for recipes easier; and as a busy mom with three kids this couldn't be more welcome.

FoodieView Recipe Search Home Page

You have quite a few search options on the FoodieView home page. The main search query box is right in the middle, and then you have the option to browse by category, search in your Recipe Box (more about that in a second), look at restaurants, product reviews, cooking resources, or read the FoodieView Blog, which is full of search questions that FoodieView readers have sent in.

FoodieView Recipe Search Features

One thing that is especially cool on FoodieView (and is probably my absolute favorite feature) is this: you can use FoodieView to clean out your fridge. For instance, right now, I have chicken breasts, ranch dressing, and instant rice in my kitchen, and I'd like to do something with it. Try searching with a couple of ingredients and see what happens.

The FoodieView search results page is nicely uncluttered; in fact, the whole FoodieView site is very easy on the eyes. Once you perform a search, your main search results are in the middle column. For each individual search result, you'll see a short annotation of the recipe, the link to the originating site, reviews and ratings, and a text link that invites you to "Add to Recipe Box." In the left-hand column, you'll see "Narrow Down By..." and a list of various things you can use to further narrow down your search, such as Ingredients, Type of Dish, Cuisine, etc., all with lots more search suggestions. For instance, my search for "chicken" was a bit too vague for me, so I clicked on "dairy" (underneath Ingredients), and got chicken category:dairy.

Once you choose any of the search suggestions in the "Narrow Down By" column, that particular word or phrase will show up with a little checkbox next to it, so you remember what you've done. Conversely, if you don't like what you've turned up in your search or it comes back with zero results, just uncheck the box(es) and try another search suggestion.

You can narrow your searches down either by using the "Narrow Down By" or simply by using the all-purpose FoodieView "category:topic" search operator. For instance: chicken category:bobby_flay category:vegan, or fish category:dairy category:african, etc.

FoodieView Category Search, Recipe Box

If you choose to browse by category in FoodieView, you're in for a treat. This might be a good option for those people like me who don't have a clue what they really are in the mood to cook, and would like to just search through some recipes. Every single category that FoodieView covers is on this page, and it's really interesting to see some of the recipe and cooking options available here. And as stated before-if you want to search in FoodieView, you can use the all-purpose "category:" operator. A good search strategy might be to go to the browse by category page and figure out what categories you'd like to put together for a search; say, veal category:czech category:entrees category:side dishes.

The Recipe Box requires free registration; all you need to come up with is a login name, email, and password. Once you come up with this, you are automatically forwarded to the login page (no waiting for the confirmation email). After you've registered, you can start saving recipes in your Recipe Box, basically your own little FoodieView cache of favorite recipes. The Recipe Box will then display your favorite recipes in order of date added; you're given the option of removing it, and FoodieView Recipe Box shows you the title of the recipe along with the name of the originating site. A very cool and useful feature; I've already added about ten favorite recipes.

FoodieView Recipe Search Extras

FoodieView's Restaurant Finder is still in the "getting ready" stage; it only has San Diego's best restaurants right now. This feature is basically a Google Map and restaurants interactive search tool; I'll be checking back to see if they add any more towns or geographic areas.

FoodieView's Must Have Cookbooks make for some interesting reading. Right now, there are only six or so categories of reviews, but each cookbook review is detailed, and then you're given suggestions for other cookbooks in that particular category.

FoodieView's Resources is a veritable wonderland of food links, recipe links, foodie links, etc. I've bookmarked quite a few of these already.

Why Should I Use FoodieView Recipe Search?

A few reasons:
  • It's easy. You can find recipes on here quickly, with little fuss or sorting. The FoodieView search features (Narrow By, category:) are easily implemented to make your search that much more effective.
  • Great features. The Recipe Box tool is really, really practical and fun. All your recipes in one place from multiple different recipe sites.
  • Relevant results. I found that I got really great results with FoodieView. If I wanted a recipe with plums and chicken, well, I got recipes with plums and chicken. There's no sorting through endless unrelated results here.
All in all, a great little recipe search engine that is now one of my favorite "must-have" sites.

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