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Daypop, a Current Events Search Engine


Note: As of April 2008, it looks like Daypop is no longer in business.

What is Daypop?

Daypop is a current events search engine. It crawls sites that are updated frequently in order to bring searchers the latest news; included in its index are newspapers, blogs, online magazines-any site that is updated on a regular basis will make it into Daypop's index. You can use this tool to search a small slice of the Web for news and information.

How To Search

Searching Daypop is very easy - just navigate to the home page and type in your keyword or phrase. There is a drop-down menu right next to the main search query bar that you can use to further narrow down your search; you can narrow the search parameters to just News and Weblogs, RSS News Headlines, etc.

Daypop can bring back some good results-if you know exactly what you're looking for. I would suggest that you browse through the search tips order to get a feel of how it works and what kind of searches work the best.

If you really want to get detailed in your search, then you'll want to check out advanced search page. This offers a long list of customizable options for the searcher, including time range, language, pages from specific countries, etc.

Top News, Top Weblogs, Top 40

The Top News is a list of the most popular news articles within Daypop's index - as stated on the Technology page, "this is a good way to find out what current events are generating the most interest in the blogging world."

Top Weblog Posts is a list of the most popular blog posts, ranked in order of popularity. This list is an intriguing way to find out what's most popular in the blogosphere, kind of a virtual water cooler.

Top 40 is a list of links that are the most popular in the blogosphere. Again, from the Technology page: "The Top 40 is an excellent indicator of the blogging world's collective consciousness, where concepts and ideas tend to gain momentum before the rest of the internet population embraces them."

Top Word Bursts, News Bursts, Top Wishlist

Word Bursts is another interesting way that Daypop is tracking the blogosphere. Word Bursts are "heightened usage of certain words in weblogs within the last couple days. They are indicators of what webloggers are writing about right now, in contrast to Top 40 and Top News which are indicators of what webloggers are linking to currently." This is an excellent way to catch the buzz first before it becomes something that everyone is talking about.

News Bursts are somewhat like Word Bursts, except these words are being tracked from news sites instead of blogs. Again, a good way to be the first one to catch the news about any given subject.

Last, but not least, is the Top Wishlist, a nice list of the blogosphere's Amazon wishlists - and another way to find out what's popular or what's getting the most buzz.

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