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Codase - A Source Code Search Engine

Find Source Code with Codase



What is Codase?

Codase is an extremely targeted search engine: it only searches and indexes source code, which makes it a superb resource for developers and/or programmers. I'm not a coder and so I probably didn't get the most out of Codase that I really could have, but from what I was able to see using my very limited programming language, Codase is a great tool for anyone searching for source code help.

How To Use Codase

Navigate to the Codase home page and you'll see a variety of searching options available to you. You can use the main search query bar, you can use the example searches, you can browse API's by platform or language, or you can search by Method Call, Method Definition, Class Definition, etc.

I decided to use one of the example searches to see how Codase works. My query for "linkedlist" turned up a ton of code - the search results in Codase are not going to be what you're used to in more general search engines. Codase makes the process of searching for source code as intuitive as possible with these search results. At the top of your search results page, you'll see even more refinement options that you can use to narrow down your source code search. To the right of your main search results, you'll see that you can search Codase by project, a very nice feature.

Add Your Own Project to Codase

You can add your own code project to Codase - this from the project page: "Projects will be evaluated, and possibly indexed into the live search system in the future."

Why Should I Use Codase?

This is an extremely targeted, specific search engine that's a great resource for developers. Although I'm not a coder, I appreciated Codase's ease of use, refinement features, and sheer volume of data in its index.

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