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Search More of the Web with Clusty, a Meta Search Engine


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Meta Search with Clusty Tabs

When I clicked on the Shopping tab, with my original query of "ballerina", I was directed to a huge assortment of ballerina costumes, ballerina shoes, and tons more options (found some cute shoes this way).

The Wikipedia option gave Wikipedia results for ballerina, a pretty glorious set of search options that made it hard to complete this article and stay on task.

Blog Search, now, here's an undiscovered jewel. Clusty combines results from several blog search engines with clustered results as always at the side; the search was fast, accurate, and did I say fast?

For the Jobs tab, obviously there wasn't a whole heck of a lot for ballerinas (although I did get one result from Craigslist), but when I switched it to systems, the search got a whole lot more impressive.

More Clusty Meta Search Options

The option to customize your search with Clusty should be one of the first things any serious searcher should do. You can add more tabs, including Gossip, Ebay, and Gov, or you can customize your own tabs. Simply click on "edit" and you now have to choose from a whole plethora of options, including the Open Directory, BBC News, and First Gov.

If you want to, you can also configure how your results will appear, whether you want 10, 25 or more results displayed, initial clusters displayed, and more.And I haven't even hit upon Advanced Search yet.

I found that Clusty did a pretty good job of searching for what I wanted with just the basic search options, however, I can see that with more advanced search queries where this would come in handy.

Last but not least in what I'm going to cover here, Clusty offers a Firefox toolbar and an Internet Explorer toolbar, giving you instant access to anywhere on the Web.They offer a Mozilla search plug-in as well.

Why Should I Use Clusty to Meta Search?

I can sum it up in one word: clusters. This feature is absolutely cool. My search forays were richer because of these, plus, I loved going on rabbit trails to topics that I wouldn't have thought of by myself. The Customization tab was a nice addition as well, because I was able to instantly narrow and widen my search without creating complicated search parameters.

Last but not least, the Blog search really is a gem. I'm trying to figure out why this hasn't gotten more press, quite honestly. Overall, I'm adding Clusty to my short-list of over the top meta search tools. Maybe it doesn't have the same richness and sheer numbers of results that some of its bigger competitors in the search world do, but the features that I've gone over in this article more than compensate.

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