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AOL Search

How to Search with AOL Search


AOL Search

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AOL Local Search

AOL Local Search is especially interesting. You can set your location right off the bat, or you can choose to "sign on to retrieve your saved locations." I typed in "Portland Oregon" and got weather forecasts and recent hot searches in my area, with an invitation to keep searching locally for anything I might feel like searching for.

AOL Shopping Search

AOL Shopping is simply laid out, with categories ranging from Apparel to Tools. You can also search through Brands, Deals and Coupons, and a wide variety of shopping blogs.

Advanced Searching with AOL Search

You have a few advanced search options with AOL Search, including the choice to include all words, exact phrases, just one word or more included, kick out certain words, language, file format, etc.

I noticed that AOL Search did not respond when I used the "site:search query" string, but it worked just fine when I did the "link:search query" string. Most of what you'll need to do advanced-wise with AOL Search can be accomplished with the Advanced Search page.

Special AOL Search Features - Smartbox

As you're typing in your query, sometimes you'll see a Smartbox Suggestion right underneath the search bar. From the Smartbox information page:

"AOL is continually inventing new ways to take the challenge out of finding what you're looking for online. AOL created Smartbox to simplify the search and navigation process and shorten the time needed to get where you want to go. Through our Patent Pending technology, we are able to provide search suggestions as you're typing your search query."

Basically, these "smart searches" are shortcuts to what AOL Search thinks that you might actually be looking for

AOL Search Snapshots

Another feature I appreciated was AOL Snapshots, which are instant answers for more than four million common queries.

Why Should I Use AOL Search?

Here's a few reasons that I think you should use AOL Search:
  • Ease of use. AOL's got this one down to a science.
  • Relevant results organized in an accessible way. Sponsored results and web results clearly marked, clustered search suggestions - it all adds up to a nicely organized search results page.
  • Cool features. AOL's clip and save widget, the Snapshots addition, and SmartBox Answers are all reasons why I can recommend AOL Search.
However, probably the number one reason would be that AOL Search makes searching the Web extremely user-friendly. This is a great tool for anyone who's just getting their feet wet with Web search.

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