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NOTE: AllTheWeb closed in 2011. Interested in more search engine information? Try reading The Big List of Search Engines.

What is AlltheWeb?

Like Alta Vista, AllTheWeb also has its results powered by Yahoo.

AlltheWeb offers the standard search tools: images, news, directory, people, etc. In addition, users have the capability to search for both audio and video files, as well as the opportunity to search in 36 different languages if they so desire. Their advanced search filters are easy to use and return pretty good results. One other thing: AllTheWeb is Opera compliant; a nice characteristic for webmasters trying to overcome accessibility issues.

AlltheWeb Search Home Page

AllTheWeb's home page is nicely streamlined. The main search query bar is smack dab in the middle, with tabbed search options to the top including Web, News, Pictures, Audio and Video.

AlltheWeb Search

Searching with AlltheWeb is pretty easy. You just type in a query and go. Remember, AlltheWeb's results are powered by Yahoo, so whatever results you get at AlltheWeb, you would also receive at Yahoo. This brings up the question of why search at AlltheWeb when you can just search at Yahoo? Well, I think it's just a matter of personal preference. AlltheWeb is very streamlined, offering absolutely nothing but search, and it's a nice alternative to Yahoo's somewhat busy main search page. Really, it's just a matter of personal preference.

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