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Use an Email Address to Find Someone Online

An email address can unlock an amazing amount of information online: phone numbers, addresses, personal information, and much more. Learn how you can use a simple email address search to find who you're looking for online.

How to Find an Email Address
If you're trying to find an email address, sometimes you can use the person's name as a starting point. Learn how to use the Web to find someone's email address, or verify an email address you already have.

How to Find Information Using a Reverse Email Search
Need to track down who an email address belongs to? You can do a free reverse email search on the Web and gather quite a bit of information from anywhere that particular email address has appeared, from message boards to blogs to Web sites to social networking communities.

Use an Email Address to Find Someone on Facebook
An email address could be just what you need to track someone down on Facebook, the world's largest and most popular social networking site.

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