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Good Web Site Design for Web Site Optimization


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Keywords and Phrases
Keyword Stuffing

Keyword phrases are the bedrock of search engine optimization. Keyword phrases used appropriatately in your site’s content will attract both search engine spiders and search engine users.

The main thing with keyword phrases is that you need to come up with the keywords that are searched for most frequently and that are the most relevant to your site’s purpose. Read this article titled Keyword Selection Guidelines to learn more about choosing the right keywords, and my article titled Where To Use Keywords for the nitty-gritty of where to actually put them.

  • Keep the goal of your site firmly at the forefront. If your site is about the Oregon Trail, then it makes sense to target keyword phrases that are relevant to this topic. It does NOT make sense to splash in a few keyword phrases that are searched for frequently, but have nothing to do with your site’s purpose.
  • You also need to target your audience. If you were searching for sites about the Oregon Trail, what would you look for? Make sure that your site is targeted at who you would like to come visit your site. Quality users beat quantity users any day, because the users who find your site because of the site’s purpose, and not because they accidentally stumbled upon it, will be the ones who will be your best users/customers/repeat visitors.
  • Keyword Stuffing.It’s one thing to insert keyword phrases appropriately where they make sense throughout your site; and it’s quite another to stuff as many keywords (be they relevant to your site or not) in your content. This is what’s called “keyword stuffing” and search engines consider this spamming. Read more about keyword stuffing and other techniques to avoid in my article titled Black Hat Search Engine Optimization.

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