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Fantasy Sports on the Web

The Best Sites for Fantasy Sports


There are plenty of great sites on the Web where you can participate in free fantasy sports leagues. Here are just a few I've found:
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports: One of the best ones out there for fantasy sports of all kinds: fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, you name it.
  • Sporting news Fantasy Sports: From baseball to golf, all your fantasy sports are here.
  • Fantasy Sports in the DMOZ Directory: A good selection of fantasy sports links, from auto-racing to tug of war (seriously!).
  • AOL Fantasy Sports: You can find a wide selection of fantasy sports here at AOL, as well as scores, reviews, and commentary.
  • ESPN Fantasy Sports: It's ESPN, so you know it's got to be good. Fantasy sports as well as player commentary, news, and lots of great photos.
  • NFL Fantasy Sports:You can play all sorts of fantasy football games here.
  • Fox Fantasy Sports: Includes a fantasy football league with a fantasy draft guide.
  • Yahoo UK Fantasy Sports: A little bit different than the already mentioned Yahoo Fantasy Sports; these are all UK popular sports (soccer, etc.).

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