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Yahoo Answers

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What is Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo Answers is a cross between multi-topic message boards and your friendly neighborhood/office/school water cooler. It's a great place to ask a question and get an answer to pretty much ANY question you might have.

How does Yahoo Answers work?

Here's the short version of how Yahoo Answers works: users ask questions, users answer questions. It's that simple.

How do I ask a question at Yahoo Answers?

In order to ask a question at Yahoo Answers, you must sign up for a Yahoo Account. Once you're logged in, just click the big Ask button at the top of the Yahoo Answers page. Note: your question might have already been asked and answered, and these results will show up under your posited query. Select your category, push Submit, and you're all set. Answers will come in either to your email (if you allow that), or you can check back to your Yahoo Answers page.

How do I answer a question at Yahoo Answers?

Just click on any question that is marked as "open" or "answer this question" and you can answer it. This is the part that I find especially addicting, because once you answer a question, you're directed to more and more questions to answer (it's really fun).

What does the rating system mean at Yahoo Answers?

Once you start asking and/or answering questions, you'll notice that you have the option to rate answers. Basically, you're giving feedback to that person telling them how helpful (or unhelpful) their answer really was. You can get "points" this way, and move yourself up in the Yahoo Answers hierarchy...if you're into that kind of thing.

Why should I use Yahoo Answers?

Personally, I have found Yahoo Answers extremely helpful for questions that are somewhat obscure, or difficult to find using a search engine. For instance, the other day I helped someone with a James Michener novel question, and today I'm planning on finding some information about a few good knitting or crochet patterns. As I stated earlier in this article, Yahoo Answers is especially addicting when you start answering questions - it's a great feeling to know that you're helping someone else.

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