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Find Government Information with Clusty


One of my favorite metasearch engines has to be Clusty, and one of my favorite Clusty features is the Clusty Government Search.

Here's a brief blurb about the service:

"Clusty's Gov tab brings together a number of special collections using Vivísimo Velocity. The Gov+ search is a powerful metasearch analogous to the Web+ tab, but focused on U.S. government and politics. It combines a metasearch of FirstGov, MSN limited to the ".gov" domain, DefenseLink, political news from Reuters, the Associated Press, and CNN, and a number of prominent American think tanks, including RAND, The Brookings Institution, The Cato Institute, and The Heritage Foundation."

In addition, here's some nifty tricks you can do with Clusty Government Search:

  • Type in your state, say, Oregon. You'll get instant results for your state senators, as well as their voting records and how to contact them.
  • Type in your zip code to find similar information for your representative in the House.
  • Click on the Advanced tab, and you'll be able to narrow your search by source, cluster, and time-out.
  • Don't see a source you'd like to search? No problem. Click on the Customize tab, and customize your very own government (or any other topic) search engine, with Clusty's oomph behind you.

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