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Use Digg to Find Stories and Submit Stories on the Web


What is Digg?

Digg is a user-driven social bookmarking website; all the content on Digg is submitted and moderated by Digg users.

How does Digg work?

Here's the short version of how Digg works, from the About Digg page:

"Well, everything on digg is submitted by the digg user community (that would be you). After you submit content, other digg users read your submission and digg what they like best. If your story rocks and receives enough diggs, it is promoted to the front page for the millions of digg visitors to see."

How do I submit stories to Digg?

First, you need to register- it's fast and free. Then you'll be able to start Digging, or submitting, stories that you find on the Web to Digg.

There are two ways to submit stories to Digg:

  • Submit a story: If you find something you'd like to share with the Digg community, you can navigate to the Submit a Story URL and go through the process. One tip: if you want your story to get Dugg (lots of other people looking at it), write a really good description and title. Otherwise, people won't be interested in clicking through.
  • Use a bookmarklet: There are quite a few handy bookmarklets that you can use to submit a story to Digg; I use this Digg Bookmarklet. Just drag that link to your browser toolbar (works with Internet Explorer and Firefox) and you're all set.

How do I find something on Digg?

If you're looking for something that you submitted, just click on your profile link and start scrolling away. If you're looking for something in the general Digg index, you can use the Digg search box (at the top of every page), you also have an advanced search available to you. If all else fails, try this in Google:

site:digg.com "the story"

Make sure you're using the best key phrase that is most likely to pull up what you're looking for.

What are the benefits of using Digg?

For casual users, Digg is a goldmine of great stories, hard to find tutorials, practical tips, you name it. From Technology to Sports, there's a plethora of categories to choose from.

For website owners or bloggers, Digg can be your new best friend. Stories that are submitted to Digg and actually make it to the front page can cause what has become known as the "Digg Effect", a huge influx of traffic from Digg to your site or blog. It's a great way to invite more people to your spot on the Web.

A few essential Digg links

In addition to the links that I've already mentioned, here are a few more Digg links you should be aware of:
  • Digg FAQ: Any kind of problem with Digg has probably been addressed here.
  • The Digg Blog: eep an eye on what Digg is doing behind the scenes for a better user experience.
  • Diggnation: this is the official Digg podcast site; the founders of Digg pontificate on various topics every week.
  • Include Digg in your site: a couple of fun ways to include Digg into your site or blog.
  • Digg Spy: watch Digg stories as they are submitted in real time.

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