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Technorati Search Tips

How to Search Technorati


If you haven't already, check out my Beginners' Guide to Technorati to get the lowdown on signing up, claiming your blog, and the bare basics of tagging.

Searching Technorati

You have a few ways to search for what you're looking for in Technorati.

Search by keyword: Use the main search box and drop-down menu to search for a keyword in blog posts, in tags, or in the blog directory. If you want to search for a phrase, use quotes: "cheesey poofs."

Refine your search: Once you've initiated a search, you can further refine it with Technorati's stable of interesting search parameters: authority, languages, and related keywords (takes you to more topics that are related to your original search query).

Search a specific blog: You can use Technorati to search within specific blogs, much like Google Site Search. Just enter in the URL of the blog you'd like to search, and you'll be prompted to search within the blog (that's where you'd enter the keywords you're searching for).

Keep track of your Technorati searches: Is there a particular search that you'd like to keep getting updates from (without any help from you?) Then Technorati Watchlists are for you. In order to set up a Watchlist, just add a keyword or phrase or URL that you'd like to keep track of, and Technorati will update your Watchlist every time it finds an instance of your request.

Use Technorati Advanced Search: All of Technorati's search services are conveniently located on one page: the Technorati Advanced Search page. You can do all kinds of really complicated (or simple) searches here.

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