1. Technology
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eBooks: Where They Are and How to Find Them


Looking for a way to supplement your book collection? The following sites offer a wide variety of free books, all in the public domain, and all completely available for you to download for free.
  • Project Gutenberg: There are 18,000 free books in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog, even some audiobooks.
  • WorldeBookFair: for a limited time, you can have access to over a million free ebooks.
  • 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google: a fun eBook from Phillip Lenssen on how to get more out of Google.
  • WorldLibrary:More than 330,000+ unabridged original single file PDF eBooks by the original authors.
  • FreeTechBooks: just like the name of the site, you can get free technology-related books here.
  • iPod eBook Creator: enter in a text file and this handy utility converts it to a file you can view on your iPod.
  • ReadPrint:This website offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. Lots of free classic books and literature here.
  • FullBooks.com: organized alphabetically; there are a TON of books here.
  • Bartleby eBooks: a huge array of classic literature, all available for free download.
  • Bibliomania:Free online literature with more than 2000 classic texts.

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