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How to Find a Prison Inmate Online

Exploring the criminal justice system on the Web


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If you're looking for a prison inmate, or just want more information about the United States criminal justice system, the Web is your best bet. There are a great number of quality sites that will help you find detailed information about an offender, prisons, jails, and anything else you might be searching for related to the penal system.

State Prison Systems

  • AncestorHunt.com has a fantastically comprehensive list of every state's county jail inmate search links, including explanations of different information available (inmates currently incarcerated, outstanding warrants, press releases, etc.).
  • VineLink, a service of the National Victim Notification Network, gives users the ability to search criminal cases and offender information state by state, as well as the opportunity to obtain information about current criminal cases and the status of offenders.
  • Corrections Connection is an excellent site that offers direct links to every state's prison inmate locator in America (at least, every state that HAS a prison inmate locator - I noticed that Oregon is not on the list).
  • To find a state prison, visit State Prison Systems, a detailed state by state listing of corrections departments and prison systems websites in all 50 states.

Federal Prison Systems


  • You can also find a mugshot using the Web; since most states keep an online database of people in the penal system, you can usually find a mugshot and identifying information (date of crime, length of sentence, etc.).

Niche Prison Resources

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